Expert editing help: find the proper type of editing-service

Editing is the final step when working with paper. High-quality text correction and elimination of errors is half the academic success. It is not only the quality of the paper but also your confidence in the publication. Agree, it is extremely important to be confident and be able to present work without excitement. If you are not sure about engagement and text compliance with requirements, it is a necessity to hire a professional editor.

Whether you work on a university project or writing a book, you have to hire an editor to succeed. The fact is that you get used to the text and do not see even big mistakes. It seems to you that the text is consistent and logical. However, a professional editor treats the paper impartially, analyzing each fragment.

These are the editors we hire to make your papers catchy and engaging. Whether it is an article, book review or a book chapter, our paper editing service will help you. Let’s get familiarized with our concept.

Up-to-date online paper editing service

Nowadays there are hundreds of online paper editors’ companies, but how to choose the one? In our essay editing service, only professional editors with qualifications work. We handle editing texts on any topic, from psychology to accounting. For each client, we select an expert with a degree in the desired field. This way you get edited paper in a record amount of time.

Our website is highly optimized and protected from hacker intrusions. Cooperating with our company, you do not risk the security of personal data. We hide the fact of cooperation and carefully work on the uniqueness of the paper. So you avoid the risk of being suspected of plagiarizing or buying a job.

We guarantee to deliver the edited paper before the deadline. The consultation takes a few minutes, and you decide what services you need. All communication takes place in an online chat to save extra time.

Editing or proofreading: feel the difference and make your choice

The concepts of editing and proofreading often go into one bundle. Therefore, the majority of customers cannot decide which service they need, or they should order both. Let’s see when you need each service.

  • Proofreading. This is a procedure for superficially correcting obvious errors that affect grammar and spelling grades. To put it another way, a proofreader is engaged in a dry and impartial correction of flaws. This is responsible for selecting the right format, formatting quotes, and creating a list of references. Working with the text, you know what you wanted to say, so you don’t notice errors. However, you should not trust automatic proofreading services – it is better to hire a specialist.
  • Editing. This is a more creative process, as the specialist improves the appearance and engagement of the text. To make the text catchy, an editor will analyze the target audience and its interests. Editing is responsible for the correct intonation, phrases, and logic of sentences. Unlike proofreading, after editing the paper may look like a completely new work.

A qualified paper editor can make your paper a better version. We noticed that students’ papers look dry and unattractive. The fact is that students follow the instructions of the teacher and strive to fulfill all the requirements. However, they forget about creativity, so the texts need editing.

When I need to order your editing services?

You need to hire an essay editor, if:

  1. This is the first time you are working on an assignment of this type. For example, this is your first term paper or book review.
  2. You create an outline for a paper. To avoid errors in the structure of the essay, it is better to carefully edit the draft.
  3. You are not sure about the accuracy of the statements. In this case, the editor will evaluate the relevance of the text to the theme and target audience. He will also check the relevance of quotes or idioms.
  4. You are working on a voluminous project. In that case, you need ongoing advice from the editor.

High-quality editing has not hurt anyone. If the evaluation result is important to you, write “edit my paper” and get a free consultation.

Choose essay editing services depending on your academic level and goals

Our college essay editors specialize in editing scientific papers, dissertations, articles, and essays. Whether you are a student or a scientist – we will improve the paper beyond recognition. Our employees have degrees in fields from the humanities to economics. You can count on their experience and qualifications.

Let’s see what types of editing are in demand. Thus, you will understand what essay editing service you should order.

Copy Editing

The college essay editor will check spelling, grammar as well as check paper style and relevance. If this is the article you will be publishing, the editor will choose APA, Chicago Manual or Associated Press format. To do this, he will analyze the media in which you want to publish the paper.

To order copy editing, you need to specify the resource in which the article will be published. Thus, the expert will make the perfect version for a magazine or website.

Substantive Editing

This type is used before publishing your papers in high-impact magazines. The expert will correct the errors, check the logic and sequence. Also, the editor will take care of the correct structure and readability of the text. Substantive editing is used as the default process to improve the overall appearance of the paper.

Line Editing

This type is designed to correct errors in the logic and sequence of ideas. The editor will change inappropriate idioms, comparisons or quotes that may be perceived negatively. The fact is that only a specialist with experience can think critically and evaluate the text as the reader does. Although line editing corrects the logic of the paper, in our service you can count on help with errors.

Manuscript Formatting

If you are working on a book or a voluminous project, you will need a manuscript evaluation. It takes a lot of time, so you need an essay editor who will become a sidekick. The specialist will evaluate the paper tone, consistency, and inconsistencies with the style, and then format the text. This way you get the edited paper ready for publication.

Developmental Editing

This type of editing is suitable for papers that are still in the process of writing. With the help of a professional editor, you decide which structure and sequence will be suitable. If your paper is a web development topic, hire an editor with knowledge of SEO or the website ranking process. Just keep in mind that we offer the services of each specialist, even if it is related to Information Technologies.

Book Shepherding

If it’s a book or a major project, you need a qualified editor. The budget for publishing a book does not allow a full analysis of the content, the best choice is to hire an editor. Our experts will improve the readability, tone, and logic in the text so that it is easy to read. To put it another way, you will receive a ready-made version for publication, and will not worry about quality.

Why our services are beneficial to you?

When working on a project, you focus on strong ideas and catchy sentences. However, if you are planning to get a high score, you should hire an editor before publishing. Our service provides you with professional editing help from experts. Here are the advantages we offer:

  • Native English Speakers
  • Experts with a degree in the field you need
  • Following all the requirements
  • Hitting the deadline
  • Formatting the text depending on your target audience
  • Fast online support

Cooperating with us, you are confident in a fast and high-quality result. All you need is to write “edit my essay”, and we will select the best available editor. Let an expert handle the editing and hit your academic goals!