Writing a Research Paper

Many students often leave their tasks for later, thinking that they still have enough time ahead. However, writing a research paper is almost impossible if you have only two days left. That is why we decided to create a manual, which will help you to complete your work in the best way, meeting all the requirements and deadlines.

Just follow our tips and you will surely succeed in writing all sorts of papers!

How to write a quality research paper in no time

There are hundreds of various tasks, which high school and college students face every day. Some of them are simple and take only an hour of your time, while others are complicated and demand careful attention. That is why many students are interested how to write a research paper fast and qualitatively.

Students know that such an assignment requires a deep analysis of sources and becomes a mirror of your skills on the subject. This assignment may easily improve your final grades or make you study the second year!

Here are the main steps, which you will need to follow:

  1. Select a winning topic;
  2. Collect information;
  3. Complete a thesis statement;
  4. Create an outline;
  5. Work on your notes;
  6. Start with the first draft;
  7. Revise;
  8. Complete the final sample.

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Choose the correct topic

First, you need to make sure that you have selected a necessary type of an essay. You can find all the information on types of essays on professional websites and decide which one fits your professor’s requirements.

Once you have selected a proper type, it is a right time to think on the topic. You need to choose a matter, which stirs your thoughts and causes an adrenalin rush. This matter should inspire or worry you, as it is the only way to devote your time and energy to the research.

Another useful advice is to choose a topic, which is backed with available materials. You won’t be able to complete a research without a required amount of sources for the analysis. Make sure it is easy to collect data on your topic.

If you doubt, you can consult your professor and discuss the topics you have in mind. Remember, your written assignment should correspond with the subject and reflect your personal outlook on the matter.

Make draft with information and write an outline

While researching the subject, you need to make a draft to highlight key aspects of your future work. It may be difficult at first but try to concentrate on the key arguments. The reader will find it hard to process a big amount of information. As someone wrote, brevity is the soul of wit and you need to be clear and precise.

Writing a research paper requires lots of devotion, so you need to base your future work not only on the drafts but also on an outline. It is a sort of a plan of your research, which contains its key paragraphs.

Don’t worry! You can revise your outline along the way and make necessary changes every time new arguments and ideas arise.

Structure your notes and write the first paper

Once you have completed your drafts and an outline, you can work on the first sample of your work and create abstracts. It is not an easy task but having enough time in advance, you will always be able to work on every detail of your research.

To be able to find necessary information at once, you need to structure all the notes you have made. The simplest way is to organize them according to the elements of your outline.

In such a way, you will always be able to get back to different paragraphs and write about the things that you feel like discussing at a certain period of time. If you are afraid that you won’t be able to complete other tasks while working on the research, breathe out!

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Revise your draft and outline

When you think that your research paper drafts are finished, you need to put them aside and take a couple hours (or better days) to distract from the assignment. This will help you to make a fresh glance and see what the weak sides of your paper are.

Another useful method is asking your relatives and friends to read the paper and mark possible mistakes. They will not only help you to eliminate grammar and lexical errors but will also say whether your text is readable and interesting.

In such a way, you will get a chance to avoid multiple mistakes and save a huge amount of time on rewriting the research. There are also many programs and software, which detect mistakes and help you to correct them.

Write a final paper and double check it

Once you and your relatives or other services have revised your research, you can start working on the final version. It is a very responsible task and requires lots of time and devotion. You need to polish every sentence and every line.

Every paragraph should be smooth and interlink with the next one. Your arguments should be clear and answer the main questions of your work. The best way to check whether you are on a right track is to always consult your outline and abstract to see whether you have reached your goals. Don’t forget there should be a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph to sum your main thought on the argument.

When you are ready to work on your conclusions, you need to answer all of the questions you were facing along the way. There is a faster way: just to copy and paste your thesis but fast doesn’t mean good. Take your time and paraphrase everything properly.

Now you know how to start a research paper and how to finish it without any difficulties. With such simple tips, you will always be ready to make a research and cover even the most complex topic!